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As a San Diego-based agency, we have proven that we can land brands amazing coverage in top-tier publications – just look at our track record
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As public relations specialists from San Diego, we are highly passionate about creating long-term client & media relationships to make your coverage dreams come true. We’re here to help you build up credibility, trust and a strong foundation with your target audience via 3rd party reporters and the media.

onePRgroup, San Diego’s premiere full-service PR and branding agency, is determined to help our clients fulfill their purpose, while maximizing their impact. Our team ensures to effectively communicate and deliver key brand messages to the media to grow & build your brand.

Our focus is on increasing brand awareness, establishing credibility, stimulating thought leadership and increasing overall brand image and reputation management. Our clients span multiple industries, such as: heath + wellness, beauty, lifestyle, business, human resources/recruitment, travel/hospitality and more. They also range from Fortune 500 companies down to just-launched startups, which are mainly located within San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Key relationships with the media = awesome coverage, more eyeballs and increased awareness + sales!!
  • Raise awareness of your brand and new products + services with your target audience
  • Increase your credibility as a thought leader in your industry, as well as amongst consumers
  • Establish trust via 3rd party recognition by landing features in top-tier articles and broadcast segments
  • Drive website traffic when consumers and/or business leaders read about your brand
  • Boost your SEO utilizing high quality article backlinks from well-known publications
Our clients have been featured in top-tier publications that have been seen by 10 million+ readers a day.
*All media coverage secured for our clients is seen by both business leaders and consumer decision makers in order to increase leads + sales.
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