Why Branding is Essential for Any Business

When you think of the largest brands in the world – Apple, McDonalds, Target, etc. – colors, logos and even sounds probably come to mind. For Apple, you might picture the sleek whites, silvers and blacks of their products and the classic bitten apple logo. McDonald’s probably brings up the nostalgic image of the golden arches and a grinning Ronald McDonald clown. Similarly, Target’s red and white bullseye is instantly recognizable.

These companies have done something remarkable – they’ve elicited the same or similar images and emotions in consumers. All because of their branding.

Branding is crucial to any business, especially one that has big aspirations. The best brands are instantly recognizable, which works great for mega companies. But for your small business, the most important part of branding is what it tells your desired audience about your company. In order to build up your brand and use it as a tool to grow your business, consider the following tips:

1. Determine your brand identity/core

Brand identity is who your brand is and what it stands for – the purpose or why for existing. Branding is how this identity is communicated through visual elements like colors, photos, creative designs and so much more. Investing the time and energy into fleshing out what your brand identity is internally will then help to produce the correct messages to send to your brand’s external stakeholders, like consumers, investors and other companies. Without a strong purpose and understanding of the why behind your brand, then others will not fully understand your intentions & you will not make those essential stakeholder connections needed to be successful.

2. Communicate a compelling story

A great brand can communicate a story to its consumer base – Apple communicates the importance of connection, even in separation. Your brand can tell a story, too. Consumers are more likely to relate to and trust your brand if it tells a compelling story. Sometimes a genuine story can help to elicit an emotional response in your audience, which can help to create a strong sense of loyalty to the brand, and will influence customers to return to your brand or services again and again.

3. Be authentic in everything you do

Make sure your brand is always authentic – consumers can spot an ingenuine brand, or advertisement, easily nowadays because of the influx of ads, and the brands they come into contact with daily. People have to sift through all of the noise to determine which brands ring true for them.

Branding is essential. It builds trust and consumer relationships, and fosters lasting connections. Great branding is all around us every day. It’s memorable and it’s unique. Your brand is your own, so show it off! It’s your story, and we can’t wait to see it.

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