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5 Key Elements You Should Know About PR

If you are contemplating implementing a PR strategy for the growth and success of your business, there are many aspects of PR that may not be obvious to the average person. As you navigate marketing strategies for your brand, it is important to see PR from multiple perspectives in order to recognize how truly beneficial it can be. 

1. PR is Earned Media. 

Unlike advertising, PR is earned media. Your PR specialist works diligently to create great, long-lasting rapport with reporters in order to obtain coverage on your behalf. PR experts work alongside you to devise a unique brand standpoint to work off of, and subsequently gather content to pitch to reporters. They work as liaisons to advocate for the coverage of your brand and create pathways for your brand to gain exposure.

2. PR is Not a One-and-Done Type of Deal

Contrary to popular belief, PR takes more time than you’d think. PR specialists work diligently to advocate for your brand and obtain coverage, and that can take a while. PR focuses more on building long-term relationships with reporters versus writing a single article for a random website and moving on. A PR specialist will seek out credible, trustworthy outlets to post your content on and put in hours to solidify a mutually-beneficial partnership with a reporter.

3. PR is One Part of an Entire Marketing Campaign

Some may confuse PR with marketing or believe that you need one over the other. However, PR is a fairly large part of a comprehensive marketing campaign that will put your business on the path to success. It should also be noted that your PR strategy shouldn’t only encapsulate SEO or be used for SEO purposes exclusively. Although SEO is a major aspect of a successful marketing campaign, there are several other benefits to implementing PR. For example, with the increased exposure from 3rd party outlets, there will be escalated brand awareness, which means more eyes on you and what you’re selling. As a result of that, you should experience an increase in sales, leads and profits from an effective PR strategy. 

4. PR Focuses on Human-to-Human Connection 

One of the more beautiful aspects of PR is that it requires a lot of involvement. Not only does it require a lot of time, energy and focus from the PR specialist, but from the brand as well. As you gain traction from reporters, they will desire to work with you for particular content. Oftentimes, they will need to interview an executive via phone. If not by phone, a reporter might ask for an executive to answer questions via email. Nonetheless, it is a commitment to implement proper PR. You will need to go into the situation with the understanding that much will be expected of you and it is a time-consuming process, but it is highly rewarding. Obtaining that critical coverage and really spreading the word about your brand truly pays off in the long run.

5. PR is Essential for Any Type of Business

Regardless of if your business is large or small, PR is for you. PR has the opportunity to change the trajectory of your business and invite major growth. Here are some of the key benefits for large and small businesses:

* Increases Brand Awareness – This is essential for any sized business because it draws attention to your brand and allows customers to identify who you are. 

* Builds Credibility – Every brand wants to let their audience know that they are trustworthy, credible and that it is safe to spend their money there. It is incredibly difficult to ensure that consumers will purchase from a business with no credibility.

* Constructs a Strong Trust with Consumers – To ensure customers return for repeat business, you want to be able to create trust with them. When customers understand that your company is reliable and accredited by other reliable outlets, customers will then be able to trust you and the product or service you’re selling. They will then become much more comfortable and trusting, keeping them coming back to your business for more. 

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As you ponder on the idea of implementing PR, the hope is that this list will give you a greater perspective on what PR has to offer you and your business. Regardless of the size or type of business you’re operating, or the respective industry you’re in, PR can heavily impact the way your business is run. PR provides a cohesiveness and clarity to your brand, which can really improve the way your audience sees you and interacts with you as a whole. 

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